New products

Peira's TM900 is an innovative, non-invasive, accurate and easy to use handheld device for measuring tumor volume in subcutaneuous mouse xenografts in vivo.
Patented memory steel technology for ultimate precision and durability. MemoryFlex™ stainless steel for increased shearing strength.
Can cut at least 64 layers of latex when the majority of the scissors on the market cannot cut through 8 layers.
Lifetime warranty if used for intended purposes.
Open vertical flow cabinet for DNA work
Capillary Glass for Microinjection -  wide spectrum of high-quality glass capillaries


10 08.17
Humanized NSG™ Mice for Innovative Preclinical Research
Date: August 10, 19:00  
The NOD scid gamma mouse uniquely supports the engraftment of human hematopoietic cells,...
28 03.17
Charles River is sole authorized commercial breeder of JAX® Mice in Europe. Only JAX® Mice bred by Charles River in Europe are genetically equivalent to those bred by The Jackson Laboratory...
14 03.17
    ibidi Practical Course in Krakow Advance Your in vitro Endothelial Cell Studies by Combining Shear Stress Cultivation ...
27 10.16
This successful event introduces relevant academic and industry subjects to laboratory animal professionals. Acquire pertinent knowledge on a variety of topics, which will be covered in specialised...