Complete Education Solutions

We create tools to help you teach the way you want to because we know how important face-to-face teaching is for students – how much it can strengthen understanding and fire up interest. Everyone has a story about a teacher that influenced their life. We believe good technology helps students achieve even better outcomes from their interactions with you, while empowering you to be more creative and effective in inspiring their learning. And with our long history of creating education products, you can be confident you’ll get a solution that is reliable, simple to use and gives you the power to innovate.

Complete education solutions consist of following components:

Content - Professionally developed lessons, experiments and practicals designed to bring active learning to your lab or classroom. We use the latest pedagogical research to create memorable and engaging educational material that will set you apart from the crowd. Or you can use our online tools, video and media packages to create your own customized content.

Hardware - Our teaching kits and systems are created with the same care and engineering expertise as our research equipment. Designed to combine high quality biological signals and ease-of-use, so you can focus on teaching the important principles of physiology without wasting time on technical issues or complicated set-up procedures.

Software - You can choose from our three learning platforms. From scalable cloud-based technology for pioneering new methods of life science and medical learning, to the more traditional analysis software that helps you to challenge your best and brightest students with self-directed, enquiry-based learning - we have a platform to suit you and your learning institution.

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